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Know your analytics

Analytics chart breakdown

Explore the comprehensive analytics offered by our Solos page, designed to provide key insights into performance metrics. Whether you're sharing, promoting, or launching campaigns using Solos, leverage our analytics to track and enhance your audience engagement, boosting both views and clicks.

Main-page Activity

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  • Unique visitors Refers to the number of distinct individuals who visit your page. Each person is counted only once, regardless of how many times they visit within a specific timeframe. For example, if one person visits your page 5 times in a day, they are counted as 1 unique visitor.
To increase this number, you need to distribute your links widely. For example, place them in your social media bio links, share them in communities, or personally send them to people.
  • Overall pageviews → Represents the total number of times your page is viewed by all visitors. For example, if one person views your page 5 times, it contributes to 5 page views in total.
For example, if one person views your page 5 times, it contributes to 5 page views in total.
  • Average visit time → Indicates the average duration that visitors spend on your page across all visits. This metric gives insights into visitor engagement and interest.
Low visit times may stem from your page lacking appeal, thus reducing visitor interest in prolonged stays. Therefore, focus on creating engaging content to enhance engagement.
  • Bounce rate → Measures the percentage of visitors who enter your page and then leave without interacting further.
A high bounce rate may indicate that visitors are not finding what they expected or that the page content needs improvement.
  • CTR (Click Through Rate) → The ratio of clicks to page views on a single page. It measures how effectively your pages are encouraging visitors to take action, such as clicking on links.
Try to include compelling links that are relevant to the context. A good average CTR generally exceeds 60%.

Sub-page Activity

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Actually, the metrics for this graph are similar to main page activity, but they are specific to each sub-page. This allows us to see comprehensive metrics for each page and identify which sub-pages are less engaging.

Top Links

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This chart ranks your links based on performance, from highest to lowest, determined by the number of clicks they receive. This includes links presented as link cards or attached to images, whether on main pages or sub-pages. It provides a clear view of which links are most engaging to your visitors, helping you prioritize their placement or focus on creating similar content.

For instance, if your video links receive more clicks compared to your articles or blogs, it would be better to prioritize adding more video content.

Top Sources

This graph displays the total number of visitors from each source. A source indicates where your visitors originated before arriving at your Solos page. This graph can assist you in determining which channels deserve more or less investment of your time.

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To be counted as a Direct referrer, a visitor to your Linktree may have:

  • Typed or pasted your URL directly into their browser.
  • Followed a URL shared directly with them (e.g., in a text or private message).
  • Accessed your Linktree via a bookmark.
  • In some cases, web browsers do not transmit referrer information. In such instances, these visits will also be categorized as "Direct sources."

Top Location

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This graph displays the total number of visitors per country for the selected date range. It shows the countries where your visitors were located when they visited your Solos page.

  • To determine visitors' approximate locations on your Linktree, we utilize IP tracking.
  • An IP address identifies a device on the internet or a local network.
  • IP-based geolocation tracking is generally accurate at the country level, but its accuracy diminishes when pinpointing smaller regions, states, or cities. For the most precise tracking, we recommend using the Country view in your Analytics.

Top Devices & Browsers

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This graph shows your total Visitor per device and browsers for the date range selected.


Can I reset my analytic numbers? Currently, it is not possible to reset your analytics numbers.
Are my own test clicks or any engagement from me included in these analytic counts? Yes, your test clicks and personal engagements are included in your Analytics. Please allow up to 30 minutes for the data to refresh and for your clicks to appear in your click count.